A Country House
Weaving Hemp Cloth
Milieu of Snow Falling
Long Ago
Childhood Memory
Colonial Mushroom Taxation
Our Old Home
Our Home in Yangsan
Hometown Chinju Nam River
Bamboo Trees near Chinju Nam River
Country House
Fear (Hiding in Older Sisters House)
Colonial Seed Taxation part 1
Two Dogs in the Filed
The Day a 14 Year Old Girl is Stolen Away
Chosun Maidens Stolen Away
Stolen Away part 1
Stolen Away in a Ship
In Java
Comfort Station in Singapore
Old Life as a Comfort Woman
In Sumatra
In That Place, At That Moment in Time
Comfort Station in Matsushiro
Comfort Station in Rabaul
In China
Wretch Balsam!...
Girls Bathing
Remembering the Past
Our Country Yearning for Mother
My Heart Like the Stars
Innocence Stolen
Japanese Soldiers Picking Pears
Unblossomed Flower
I Cant Take it Anymore
Bitterness of Comfort Womens Ghost
A Glass of Wine Full of Emptiness
Untitled Duk-Kyung Kang
My Lips Red as the Rainbow
Lee Self Portrait
Self Portrait Upside Down
Woman of Chosun
Flock of Wild Geese in Deep Mountain
Sublimation of Han
The Leaves of that GAunt Tree Will Blossom Someday
Do Not Trespass...
Apologize Before Us
Punish the Guilty
Becoming a Bird
Two People
Road to the Temple
A Place of Lonliness Teochon
Road Luminated by the Eye of the Tiger
After Winter, Spring Will Come Again
A Buddhist Temple in Yangsan
Woman Full of Han, Bitterness
Chicken Coop at the House of Sharing
April 8th Buddhas Birthday
Our Bad-tempered Teacher
The Sun Sets Once Again Today
Sincerity 2
SIncerity 1
Memorial Ceremony
In Shanghai
Floral Tribute for the Departed
Complicated Life
Complicated Feeling
Because of Lonliness
As Youth Slips Away...
Colonial Seed Taxation COMPLETE